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Michael Ehn, Ernst Strouhal

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On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of their chess column in the daily "Der Standard", ruf & ehn (i.e. Ernst Strouhal and Michael Ehn) emerged with this wonderful publication, being a combination of a book (with a chronology, indexes and 273 chess problems) and a DVD (with all 1035 chess columns from VI 1990 to VI 2010 as jpg or pdf files). This work belongs to the 15 most beautiful Austrian books in 2010, a tribute certainly rarely paid to a chess book at national level.

(R.B., III 2012)

Thomas Binder in Glarean Magazin
Prof. Christian Hesse at ChessBase

  • PublisherSpringer, 2010
  • ISBN978-3709103456
  • Languagesgerman
  • Pages184
  • Formatshardback
  • See alsoEhn, Michael
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Michael Ehn, Hugo Kastner

Alles über Schach

Mythen. Kuriositäten. Superlative

  • Publisherhumboldt, 2010
  • ISBN978-3869101712
  • Languagesgerman
  • Pages464
  • Formatspaperback
  • See alsoEhn, Michael

Michael Ehn, Hugo Kastner


Die besten Aufgaben und Komponisten der Schachgeschichte. Mit über 500 Rätseln und Lösungen

[Chess Compositions. The best problems and composers of chess history. With more than 500 puzzles and solutions]

Michael Ehn, Hugo Kastner

Schicksalsmomente der Schachgeschichte

Dramatische Entscheidungen und historische Wendepunkte

The recently published book Schicksalsmomente der Schachgeschichte. Dramatische Entscheidungen und historische Wendepunkte by Michael Ehn & Hugo Kastner is a delightful work which we can wholeheartedly recommend to all German speaking readers.

The attractive book – it contains many rare (black-and-white) illustrations and historical photographs – presents selected highlights and turning points of chess history – separated in altogether 32 chapters and in chronological order, so you may start reading where you like it. My impression is that of a fascinating and well researched storybook (the authors always give the sources at the ends of the chapters), certainly a very entertaining read not only for historically interested chess friends. On www.humboldt.de you can receive an impression by the linked excerpt from the book (incl. TOC) - see Leseprobe (PDF), and you will even find there a video comment (in German).

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