Michael Dombrowsky

Michael Dombrowsky

Berliner Schachlegenden

Erinnerungen und Portraits aus der Zeit vor und nach dem Mauerbau

Before joining our KWF&A group this year, Michael Dombrowsky has written a delightful book dealing with the Berlin chess scene of the 1950s / 60s and the chess legends of that period. The book is not only very attractive due to its nice layout (coloured diagrams!) prepared by the publisher Arno Nickel, but also to its content – the author brings back memories of a time where many of us were still young and possibly heard for the first time the names of those 10 legends portrayed in the book. So this is a welcome excursion into a part of German chess history, and simultaneously a very entertaining read with many anecdotes and hitherto unknown biographical details on the protagonists, as well as many accompanying games and game fragments (annotated by Helmut Reefschläger).

You will find the bibliographical data and excerpts from the book on the page of the Edition Marco Publishing House.

Moreover a review (in German) by our member Dr. Mario Ziegler in Glarean Magazin: Berliner Luft-Menschen.

Michael Dombrowsky

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