Title page of CSQ 13 (November 2013)
Title page of CSQ 13 (November 2013)

The Chess Stalker Quarterly

Guy Van Habberney and Henri Serruys are pleased to announce their new publication which is only available for members of the KWF&A - the first 4 years of our CSQ newsletter in one volume:

Sneak preview copies were already circulated in Braunschweig last week, and we can now confirm: chairman Guy Van Habberney and auditor Henri Serruys have bundled the first 4 years (16 issues) of the Chess Stalker Quarterly into one volume. The pagination has been made continuous, a table of contents as well as an index have been added, while Guy Van Habberney wrote an introduction. To control the costs, the publication will be in black and white only.

Bound in hardcover, signed and numbered, the first 4 years of the CSQ will be available by subscription only at the cost of 30 € plus postage.

To order, please contact Guy Van Habberney () or Henri Serruys () BEFORE JANUARY 1, 2015.