Øystein Brekke

Øystein Brekke

Sjakkmesteren Svein Johannessen

Our member Østein Brekke is at home in the fascinating country of the trolls which - thanks to Magnus Carlsen - experiences a pleasing upswing in chess. His comprehensive biography of Svein Johannessen (1937-2007) is devoted to the formerly strongest Norwegian chess player (IM 1961) who crossed blades with many grandmasters of his time. Numerous annotated games are included in the book which unfortunately has been published in Norwegian only. The author gives a more detailed description of his work in this announcement.

(R.B., IV 2012)

A review by Lars Grahn.

  • PublisherNorsk Sjakkforlag, 2009
  • ISBN978-82-90779-05-9
  • Languagesnorwegian
  • Pages263
  • Formatshardback

Øystein Brekke

Nordisk sjakk i 100 år

Front cover
  • PublisherNorsk sjakkforlag, 1999
  • ISBN82-90779-03-8
  • Languagesnorwegian
  • Pages174
  • Formatshardback
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Øystein Brekke

Norske sjakktrekk

Norges Sjakkforbund 100 år 1914-2014

Øystein Brekke, our Norwegian member, has informed us about a further anniversary book he has written and which was published already last year.

This book with the title "Norske sjakktrekk" (Norwegian chess moves) was released on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Norwegian Chess Federation in July 2014, so exactly 1 year ago. It contains a general history of chess in Norway through all ages, naturally with a certain focus on the background of the founding of the Norwegian Chess Federation (on 20 July 1914), and the further development of chess in this country (which, for well-known reasons, has exploded over the past years).

The book met with a very positive, partly enthusiastic reception, and the author kindly offers a 20% discount to KWA members.

More details at Øystein Brekke's chess shop!

Other chess books from his pen are included in the section Publications of Our Members.

  • Release Date2014
  • Languagesnorwegian
  • Pages328
  • Formatshardback
  • Miscellaneousformat A4

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