Belgian chess publications: an annotated bibliography

by Henri Serruys and Guy Van Habberney

Self-published, Antwerp 2011

Softcover edition of 200 copies, 160 p., size 24 x 16 cm.
Color print on glossy paper.
ISBN 9789081724005
Weight: 438 g
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20.- € + postage
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Hardback edition of 50 copies, numbered and signed by the authors.
ISBN 9789081724012
Weight: 617 g
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40.- € + postage

Packaging: 1.50 €
Postage: 12.45 € (Europe, USA)
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The authors presented their book for the first time to the chess public on 18/11/2011 in Brunswick. The high-quality layout, numerous pictures of the bibliographised works in color as well as text elements highlighted in color provide for an outstanding overall impression. A book that rouses and spurs the collector's passion on!
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Hardback edition (dust jacket corresponds to pictures above/below)
Hardback edition (dust jacket corresponds to pictures above/below)
Dust jacket verso (or soft-cover resp.)
Dust jacket verso (or soft-cover resp.)

Text verso:
Henri Serruys (*1948) is a founding member of the Ken Whyld Association of chess book collectors, while Guy Van Habberney (*1954) is the worldwide chairman of this organization, which promotes the collection of chess books and intends to contribute to a greater knowledge of the history of the game of chess.

In this publication, the authors give a comprehensive overview of all chess books published in Belgium, not just the usual technical books, but also those that are more literary in nature and that feature chess as a theme. Images of all these books are provided. The authors have also added very detailed chapters on Bulletins as well as on Magazines.