Yuri Averbakh (†)

Yuri Averbak

Шахматы на сцене и за кулисами

"Chess on stage and behind the scenes" appeared recently in Moscow 2003 in a marvellous colourful hardcover binding in the series "The Art of Chess" (Publishing House Ripol, www.ripol.ru) - with the subheading "Revelations of a Chess Player, of a Politician and of an Historian" – very promising, dear Grandmaster Yuri Averbakh.


  • PublisherRipol Classic, 2003
  • ISBN5-7905-1835-4
  • Languagesrussian
  • Formatshardback

Yuri Averbakh

Centre-Stage and Behind the Scenes

The Personal Memoir of a Soviet Chess Legend

PS: We have to mention here the English edition of the above work, published last year (2011) by New In Chess: Centre-Stage and Behind the Scenes - The Personal Memoir of a Soviet Chess Legend (Paperback, 272 pp.) – an autobiography with many interesting insights into a bygone Soviet chess era. -

More information at New In Chess, or read Hans Ree’s review "Hard Times" in NIC 2011/6, p.94-97 and GM Stuart Conquest's essay on Yuri Averbakh's Centre-Stage and Behind the Scenes (Part 1 of 2 / Part 2 of 2) at ChessVibes. (R.B., 10/08/2012)

From Averbakh's large literary output we still mention his latest work only: A History of Chess. From Chaturanga to the Present Day (Russell Enterprises, 2012) - see our Announcement.

  • PublisherNew In Chess, 2011
  • ISBN9789056913649
  • Languagesenglish
  • Pages272
  • Formatspaperback

Yuri Averbakh

A History of Chess

From Chaturanga to the Present Day

The Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology has started a new book series on chess, and this book by chess legend Yuri Averbakh is the first of the publication project.

The cover text verso and the Table of Contents give an impression of the book which covers the evolution of chess from the very beginnings, and the author presents his own theory as to the origin of chess which is very plausible and to his own opinion "the closest one to the truth".
The next book by Averbakh, already announced in the book’s Epilogue, will deal with modern chess development.

Excerpt from the book:

A review by Dennis Monokroussos:

  • PublisherRussell Enterprises, 2012
  • ISBN978-1936490448
  • Languagesenglish
  • Pages88
  • Formatspaperback
Cover verso
Table of Contents