Dušan B. Drajić, Dragan Stojnić

An Overview of Yugoslavian Chess Literature 1886-1991 and Serbian Problem Chess Literature 1992-2013 (An Annotated Bibliography)

The book by Dušan Drajić and Dragan Stojnić combines the 5 previous volumes of the Yugoslavian bibliography, including the work on problems by Dragan Stojnić, as well as some additions and corrections. This time only in English, it has 316 pages, printed by computer. (The same book in Serbian - 349 pp. - will be published as well.)

The book will be available for KWA members only (and not be for sale elsewhere), and there is a deadline of 3 weeks for ordering, i.e. until the weekend 23/24 April. So you should seize the chance to acquire this work. Simply write an email to Dušan Drajić - , and don’t forget to give your postal address!

The price of the book including postage will be 17 EUR for shipping within Europe (as the weight will be above 500 g, the major part of the total is due to the postage). You can pay after delivery by bank transfer to our KWA account, as customary please see our imprint page for the bank details.

Published by Academic Mind, Belgrade 2016. Edition of 150 copies, hardback. ISBN 978-86-7466-609-8