Mario Ziegler

Mario Ziegler

Das Schachturnier London 1851

Our German member from Nohen (Rhineland-Palatinate) is a PhD historian and owner of the publishing house Chaturanga, and for many years he has focused on the history of chess.

Apart from some items on opening theory, a book on endgames and a lot of articles and reviews, his list of publications reads as follows:

  • Die große Schachparade. Band 1: Turniere, Taten und Talente (mit Reinhold Ripperger und Helmut Wieteck), St. Ingbert (ChessCoach) 2010
  • Säulen des Schachs. Band 1: Paris (mit Reinhold Ripperger und Helmut Wieteck), St. Ingbert (ChessCoach) 2012
  • Moreover he has contributed to the book Rainer Buland, Bernadette Edtmaier, Georg Schweiger (Hrsg.): Das Gästebuch der Schachweltmeisterschaft 1934 in Deutschland. Faksimile, Forschungsergebnisse, Geschichte und Umfeld, Wien, Berlin (LIT) 2014 (Ludographie − Spiel und Spiele, Band II)
  • And last but not least he is the publisher of different chess historical works (the last one by Prof. Hebeker: Vom Rhein nach São Paulo) − you may find all books on, as well as of the two Caissa issues − see

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