Whyld Christmas - Reprint of Ken Whyld's Christmas Series

By the chess booklets which Ken Whyld gave his friends all over the world as a yearly Christmas present he resumed the tradition of Alain C. White's famous Christmas series. As original copies of the Whyld series are extremely rare, we are very pleased that an initiative of the KWA on the occasion of Ken Whyld’s 80th birthday was successful in so far as now [May 2006] a reprint of all 17 booklets is available, united in one volume and published by Vlastimil Fiala’s Publishing House Moravian Chess (Olomouc).
[476 p., bound edition; ISBN 80-7189-559-8. © Caissa-90 and Ken Whyld Association]
The actual reprint has still been enlarged by a Part I. placed in front, including the following contributions:
- Introduction (by Michael Negele)
- Kenneth Whyld (06-03-1926 to 11-07-2003) In Memoriam (by Alessandro   Sanvito)
- Plates (Tafeln) in Deutsches Wochenschach
- Kagans Neueste Schachnachrichten
- L’Echiquier Revue Internationale d’Échecs [Edmond Lancel] (compiled by   Henri Serruys)
- Ken Whyld’s Christmas Series (by Alessandro Sanvito)

The titles of the 17 Christmas booklets are listed in our Ken Whyld book list.

As a further bonus the KWA Yuletide Series No 0 [Yuletide greetings 2003. (Gabriel Eloy Doazan) Labourdonnais – Morphy] has been added to the reprint.