Friedrich-Karl Hebeker

Vom Rhein nach São Paulo

Ludwig Engels 1905-1967

A new chess biography has just been released by the publishing house Chaturanga, written by our member Prof. Friedrich-Karl Hebeker on the former German chess master Ludwig Engels who stayed in South America after the Chess Olympiad Buenos Aires 1939 and moved to Brazil in 1941.

Paperback, 415 pp.,
contains 35 annotated games as well as many photos and illustrations.

Some information on the book in this pdf file (0.7 MB)

as well as an excerpt from the book (pdf, 1.1 MB).

The book can be ordered from the publisher, the price is 24.95 € (only in Germany without postage).

On this occasion we remind you of the author’s report from 2011: With Lourenço Cordioli at Ludwig Engel’s grave in São Paulo - in English and German © Friedrich-Karl Hebeker, Düsseldorf

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