Our member Vlastimil Fiala has informed us about his new publications, special attention should be paid to the three rare Steinitz works published in a limited edition of 100 copies each:

The Chess Match between Messrs. Steinitz & Blackburne

London 1876 (reprint, HC, format A5, 56pp., EUR 12.00) - Excerpt (PDF)

and never published before:

The Chess Columns of The Field. Edited by Wilhelm Steinitz. Volume 1: 1873-1876

(HC, format A4, 266pp, EUR 33.00) - Excerpt (PDF)

The Chess Column of Ashore or Afloat. Edited by Wilhelm Steinitz. London 1883

(HC, format A5, 44pp., EUR 12.00) - Excerpt (PDF)

Moreover a new book by Gino Di Felice has just been published:

Chess Competitions 1824-1970

(HC, 566pp, EUR 39.00) Cover and Introduction (PDFs)

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