Ulrich Schädler

Globusspiel und Himmelsschach

Brett- und Würfelspiele im Mittelalter

The trained archaeologist and present director of the Swiss Museum of Games has already published numerous articles in books and specialist journals, particularly in Board Game Studies (Yearbooks of the International Society for Board Game Studies) whose co-editor he is. His beautifully designed book Globusspiel und Himmelsschach - Brett- und Würfelspiele im Mittelalter was published only in a limited edition (Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt 1998. 64 pp. / Hardback, incl. mostly coloured illustrations.)


From the blurb (translated by R.B.): "In many respects the Middle Ages were an epoch full of the joys of life, an age of artistic creativity and innovation, an age of erudition but especially a playful age. Games served as a metaphor for the relations of man to the Creation, were the subjects of erudite discourses, educational instrument or more or less refined leisure activities – these aspects provide a backdrop for the medieval culture of play."

Alfons X. "der Weise"

Das Buch der Spiele

Translated and commented by Ulrich Schädler and Ricardo Calvo (†)
Ludographie - Spiel und Spiele, vol. 1, LIT Verlag, Vienna/Berlin 2009. 336 pp.
Short description (in English and German)

As editor:

Spiele der Menschheit. 5000 Jahre Kulturgeschichte der Gesellschaftsspiele

PRIMUS Verlag GmbH / WBG Darmstadt, 2007. 224 pp. Published on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Swiss Museum of Games (1987-2007).

Hans Holländer, Ulrich Schädler (Ed.)

Scacchia Ludus

Studien zur Schachgeschichte - Band 1

EDITIONS feenschach-phénix / chess FEE=NIX history vol. I, Aachen 2008. 615 pp.

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