Rudolf Glenk (Forchheim) has just published two books on

Marcus Hieronymus Vida’s Scacchia Ludus

The first book is a bibliographic work on the German editions of Vida’s Scacchia Ludus, commented by Rudolf Glenk (in German; 100 pp., hardcover, with many colored illustrations). You will find his preface in this PDF file.

Price: 59 € plus postage

The second book in the same get-up is a reprint of the Vida edition Frankfurt / Leipzig 1754, a translation from the Latin by N.A. Hiesebock: [4] + 56 + [4] pp.

Price: 39 € plus postage

Both books are limited and numbered editions of only 40 copies each, you can order directly from Rudolf Glenk if you are interested. All details (in German) are gathered in this PDF file.

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