Toni Preziuso

The last issue of the SSM (No. 6, June 1995)
The last issue of the SSM (No. 6, June 1995)

Our Swiss chess friend Toni Preziuso did some chess journalistic work for several years, at first (from January 1992 to June 1995) as the chief editor of the Schweizer Schach-Magazin, the organ of the SASB (Schweizerischer Arbeiter-Schachbund, Swiss Workers Chess Association). Owing to the merging of the SASB and the SSV (Schweizerischer Schachverband, Swiss Chess Association) the two associations’ organs united to the new SSZ, the Schweizerische Schachzeitung – and here Toni still carried on working as a chief editor (together with Markus Angst) till about halfway through 1997. Particularly his games analyses were highly appreciated, due to their intelligibility they were of benefit to weaker players as well.


Further publications:

  • Emanuel Lasker, eds. Richard Forster, Stefan Hansen, Michael Negele (Exzelsior Verlag Berlin, 2009), chapter 7: Aus der Schreibmaschine des Schachweltmeisters, pp. 167-188

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