Persons celebrating an Anniversary in October 2010

Our Swiss member Alex Crisovan looked back on full 91 years on October 2nd. That he is still active as an author at this age deserves respect and admiration, as he has currently contributed a "poetical" chapter to the Sanvito Festschrift and he will also appear in the volume of the second series (according to the table of contents.

The next greetings go to Belgrade/Serbia where our new member Prof. Dušan B. Drajić celebrated his 73rd birthday on October 28th. By creating the Yugoslavian Bibliography (Part I) he has already introduced himself to our members and has rendered outstanding services to our association.

The third of the trio of senior members is Leonard Skinner who turned 82 on the following day (October 29th). He has contributed to the success of the Yugoslavian Bibliography as well by undertaking the proofreading of the English version.


PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!