Persons celebrating an Anniversary in September 2009

Our first birthday greetings of late summer go over the pond to Texas where Leigh Harrington completed five decades on 5th of September. In our galleries on the New York meeting 2007 he was several times caught in pictures, see for instance Friday Evening at Blue Water Grill and Saturday Meeting.

Two days later Eric Fisher from the English town of Hull celebrated his 74th birthday, we have told about his several chess activities in the last years (see September 2008 etc.). The Hull Chess Club Magazine edited by him formerly has become subject of a short online review as well:

Kerry Lawless who is at home in the Francisco Bay Area celebrated his anniversary: exactly in the middle of the month he could look back on full 60 years. He is the man behind, an excellent chess historical web site which devotes specially to Californian chess history and which is regularly revised by him. Moreover many of his contributions have gathered in the Chess History Section of Kerry who by the way is a National Chess Master will join in our forthcoming general meeting in October and will please those present with a talk. You will find photos of him in our report on New York 2007 as well.

Two German members form the "rearguard" this month:
Detlef Krämer, a collector from Cologne, could celebrate a special anniversary too on September 19th, he completed half a century at that day and with it gained the membership in the club of the fifty-year-old. But his actual club is the ISVFB Eikamp (ISVFB = Internationaler Schachverein Freibauer) where he competes in the first team: There are some photos of Detlef on our pages as well, you may leaf again through our old pictorial report on Brunswick 2006 (page 5 / page 6).

Hans Ellinger has already reached the "70", the well-known Tübingen collector, editor (see the Publications of our Members) and chess official (president of the Chess Federation Württemberg) celebrated his special day on September 26th. Also as a player FM Ellinger (member of the SV Tübingen 1870) is still active, so in November 2008 he participated in the senior tournament of the Dresden Chess Olympiad where he chalked up a notable success finishing 10th (with 125 competitors). Last year he gave an interview in Neues Deutschland to Dr René Gralla about his "Tübinger Beiträge zum Thema Schach" which has been reprinted at ChessBase: (in German only).


PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!