Persons celebrating an Anniversary in April 2008

Our April column is again a little sparsely – this year too we can only offer two birthdays. First our member Marten Coerts from the Dutch town of Alkmaar makes his debut, he celebrated his 49th birthday on April 10th. He is active as a collector and club player and in the club magazine Hoornse Paard of his club "Alkmaarse Schaakvereniging" he runs among other things a regular book section where he presents recently published chess literature.

The same day our Austrian member Karl Kadletz could look back on 65 years. We have shortly introduced him in this column 3 years ago (April 2005), and he has also found his way into the Publications of our Members for a long time now. The committed historian [among other things he is co-editor of Mensch – Wissenschaft – Magie. Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Wissenschaftsgeschichte (Man – Science – Magic. Reports of the Austrian Society for the History of Science)] will still contribute a chapter to our great Lasker biography (on the Lasker biographer Jacques Hannak). The visitors and participants of last year’s von der Lasa conference have met him personally, as shown on our web site he has enriched this event with a lecture. A short report on this conference, compiled by him, by his wife Hedwig Kadletz-Schöffel and by Michael Negele, appeared in the magazine KARL (issue 4/2007).


PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!