Persons celebrating an Anniversary in March 2007

This time one of our Italian members is at the starting position, Antonio Rosino from Venice celebrated his 65th birthday on March 3rd. Two years ago we paid tribute to him in more detail (birthday column 2005), in the meantime he is also represented in the Publications of our Members, and in the course of last year’s chess olympiad in Turin even a personal meeting with some KWA friends (see photo) came about.

Only two days later our Dutch friend and collector Pierre Voss from Gennep was next, he has now reached the "55". Now and then Pierre paid a visit to the Corus tournament (such as in Wijk 2005) or to the MEC book market (in Amsterdam 2006), and together with other chess friends he visited our chairman in Wuppertal (end of 2005) as well.

We will continue in a two-day rhythm, on March 7th a real anniversary appears – Paul Dunn from "Down Under" could look back on 6 complete decades. In 2003 he has – together with Bob Meadley – updated and completed John van Manen’s Australian bibliography, it’s available as pdf-file in our Member's Araea. For more personal details we would like to refer to our entry from 2006.

Our Dutch friend Bab Wilders (Amersfoort) now turned 65, he celebrated his special day on March 19th. Unfortunately there are no news from or about him, so we are only able to point to our greetings of March 2004.


PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!