Persons celebrating an Anniversary in October 2005

This month only one person celebrating an anniversary can be traced: chess friend Sylvain Colsaet from the famous central French city of Orléans looked back on half a century on October, 20th. In his working life he is a psychiatrist, in his chess hobby he deals not only with collecting but also with practical play – he has an Elo of 2000 – and since 2000 he is a member of the IECG (International Email Chess Group) too.

Postscript (2005-10-29):
A further birthday has to be added owing to MD Enrico Cecchelli’s joining the KWA, our Italian chess friend from Riva Ligure looked back on 49 years on October 13th. Though his job and his family let him have not much time for his hobby a publication from his pen will soon see the light of day – a book on San Remo 1930. We are pleased to welcome a further author within our ranks, in due course we will present his work in the "Publications of our Members".


PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!