Persons celebrating an Anniversary in September 2005

Late summer and autumn is a bit of a slack period with regard to our birthdays, not until in December we may reckon again with a slightly increasing number of "persons celebrating an anniversary"!

Therefore only three birthday candidates can be announced this time, we will start with Eric Fisher from the English town of Hull, he could look back on whole seven decades of his life on September 7th. On this occasion we would like to point to an anecdotal incident Eric was involved in; it’s true this incident occurred a long time ago but he will surely remember it with pleasure: please read the Flashback of the "Hull & District Chess Association" about a Damjanovic simultaneous display in January 1977. (>> scroll down that page)

Our Canadian friend J. Ken MacDonald followed one day later, also for him the number of years to be celebrated ends in a zero: with only six decades the correspondence chess specialist is in a good position and will surely enjoy Toronto’s Indian summer to the full. For his activities as a chess author we may remind you of the entry in the Publications of our Members, apart from that we would like to refer in both cases to our last year’s appreciations and to go on straight up to the third (and youngest) of our trio:

Fred van der Vliet from Holland’s royal and administrative capital The Hague celebrated his 57th birthday on September 23rd. He is largely well-known as a chess player, researcher and writer, we could only briefly outline – again in our Member Publications – his production as a chess author, so we may add his collaboration and coauthorship concerning the tournament books about the "Second Amber"... Monaco 1993 and the Volmac Chess Tournament ... Rotterdam 1988. Only a few days ago we could meet Fred personally in Amsterdam, those present he willingly allowed to look at his unique biblio-biography where many a person could spot himself (and at the same time make some additional remarks); the work on this encyclopaedic volume will surely last still a long time. You can find a picture of Fred engaged in research – namely in the former "chess room" of the Hague Royal Library – in John Henderson’s online article Corus Wijk aan Zee 2002 / The Dutch Treat where other old friends appear as well ...


PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!