Persons celebrating an Anniversary in March 2005

Antonio Rosino from Venice belongs to those members who joined our association a short time ago, he celebrated his 63rd birthday on March, 3rd. He has retired from his work as a teacher of mathematics and physics at a Venice high school (Liceo Scientifico „G.B. Benedetti“), but he is still at the school’s disposal as a chess trainer. As a chess player he bears the title of a FIDE Master (since 1982), and he was the captain of the Italian teams (men and women) at 6 Olympiads – Manila 1992 to Bled 2002. Even last year he played on the first board of the Italian senior team on the Isle of Man being team captain at the same time.
Antonio Rosino is particularly interested in the chess history of the 19th and 20th century with the main emphasis on Italy, Venice and Esteban Canal. On several occasions he distinguished himself as a writer, so he is the (co-)author of Storia degli Scacchi in Italia (1990; together with Adriano Chicco) and of some small tournament books (such as on the Zonal Tournament Caorle 1972). In addition he has written some historical articles for Torre & Cavallo as well as for L’Italia Scacchistica, and from 1986 to 2003 he ran a chess column in the newspaper Il Gazzettino (Venice).

An equally still young KWA member is Tamás Erdélyi from the Hungarian town of Kecskemét which is well-known for its rich chess tradition: Tamás looked back on 52 years on March, 7th. He works as the manager of the chess company CAISSA Ltd. which is involved in chess publishing activities, in running a small hotel (Pension CAISSA) and in organizing chess tournaments in town; moreover he has the largest chess shop in Hungary, CAISSA KFT offering also out of print and antiquarian chess books. You will find more detailed information at his website.

Owen Hindle from the English town of Cromer is the next one on our birthday list, he turned 65 on March, 14th. He has just published a new book, The Mystery of Edward Pindar, Chess Nomad (Ostrava, 2005) as we may take from Edward Winter’s Chess Notes (CN 3655. A bombshell.). The kind of bombshell exploding in this book is only shortly indicated – in any case Pindar’s career as a language teacher and chess player came to a sudden and dramatic end in 1877. It is a strange coincidence that also Richard Forster recently reported in Schach about just this Edward Pindar, though apparently without any knowledge of “Hindle’s bombshell” (see Schach 10/2004, p. 60-63; 1/2005, p. 54-57; 2/2005, p. 56-58).

Wladimir V. Sokolow from the German town of Heilbronn celebrated his 55th birthday on March, 27th (i.e. Easter Sunday). We have heard nothing new from or about him during the previous year, so we have to leave it at that.

Congratulations to all!

PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!