Obliged to Tradition ...

A Bibliography of the Commemorative Publications of German Chess Clubs
Founded by 1914

Date of publication: May 2008

Der Tradition verpflichtet ...

The idea for this book had already been born in 2004 but good 4 years should go by before the result was available in book form. Naturally the decision to publish the book in a bilingual edition (German/English) had a lasting influence on the completion of the project. You will find more details on the history of the origins and the realization of the book in Michael Negele's introduction which we offer here for a reading in advance:

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Scacchi e Scienze Applicate, Venezia 2008
Paperback, 214 p., large format

With a preface by Egbert Meissenburg and an introduction by Michael Negele

Translation: Johannes Fischer
Proofreading: Leonard Skinner

Supported by the Ken Whyld Association

With the bibliographical entries all the German chess clubs (so far as known to the authors) have been considered which were founded by 1914 and have at least published one commemorative publication in the course of their club history. Apart from the pure bibliographical data also details about the contents of the commemorative publications have been given. Naturally the extent of these details vary a lot - simply depending on the contents of the commemorative publications. The book contains numerous illustrations: nearly all covers of the commemorative publications have been reproduced in colour (>> Appendix), moreover there are 40 chess historically interesting black and white pictures (taken from the commemorative publications) in the bibliographical main part of the book.

We wish to express here our hearty thanks to our member Romano Bellucci (Venice) for his generous sponsoring of the project and for his commitment during the production of the book.

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We have received quite a lot of important corrections and additions to the book from our attentive readers, many thanks for that! We have included all items in the pdf-file linked below, among other things eight additional commemorative publications. I'm sorry but at the moment this text is only available in German: