Øystein Brekke

Norske sjakktrekk

Øystein Brekke, our Norwegian member, has informed us about a further anniversary book he has written and which was published already last year.

328 pp., format A4, hardcover
Language: Norwegian
Shop price: 348.-- kr  (about 39.30 €)

This book with the title "Norske sjakktrekk" (Norwegian chess moves) was released on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Norwegian Chess Federation in July 2014, so exactly 1 year ago. It contains a general history of chess in Norway through all ages, naturally with a certain focus on the background of the founding of the Norwegian Chess Federation (on 20 July 1914), and the further development of chess in this country (which, for well-known reasons, has exploded over the past years).

The book met with a very positive, partly enthusiastic reception, and the author kindly offers a 20% discount to KWA members.

More details at Øystein Brekke's chess shop!

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