Web Editor wanted

Since the recent launch of our new website our webmaster Wilfried Krebbers, together with especially Michael Negele, but also with other members of the Board, has done a lot of work to get the website going. But now the point of no return has arrived: the growing number of news entries and other informative contributions makes it necessary to create the function of web editor.

The task of the web editor will consist mainly of:

  • stimulating members as well as consumers of the website who are not members to contribute, both news, general information, reactions and articles on history and literature of chess
  • corresponding with contributors and authors
  • cooperating and communicating with the webmaster and with members of the Board
  • editing texts
  • formulating proposals for the further development of the website and for the policy with regards to the content of the desired contributions.

Qualifications are:

  • active working knowledge of the English language
  • at least passive knowledge of the German Language
  • at least general knowledge and interest of the history of chess and of its literature
  • some practical experience in using electronic media

Non-members who have an interest in the job, are invited to apply for the membership.

Letters or emails of application to Bob van de Velde, Chairman of the CH&LS.
Email address:
Postal address: Chet Bakerstraat 23, 1066 GK Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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