We received a remarkable letter


As far as we can remember, it is the first time we received a reaction on our website as such, and not a reaction from a collector, an historian or an author who wanted to add some information or was asking a question with regard to any specific topic. The email letter we received from Mrs. Bianca P. [Name and contact address are known to the editors.], we like to share with our members:

Name: Bianca P[...]
Email: biancap@[...]
Subject: KWA, chess newbies here
Message: Hi all, I hope it's okay to reach out like this but I wanted to give the Ken Whyld Association a big thumbs up from my son and I. He has a newfound obsession with chess but is a beginner (and I am totally clueless about this stuff so as he learns he is teaching me lol), your information here came in handy: https://www.kwabc.org/en/links.html.

Elijah is 11 and just entered 6th grade, sadly we are still stuck inside quite often due to the pandemic. Chess has been a wonderful source of entertainment for him and he really wants to improve his skills. I let him use my computer to read tutorials (while looking over his shoulder) so I appreciate your list of chess resources which led him to even more safe sites to read up on, he enjoyed the historical side of it too. He was excited when I suggested we send a personal thanks, it's very cool for us to make this connection! If you have any tips for newbies like us feel free to share but only if it's no trouble. He wanted me to share this other chess learning site we stumbled upon (it's family friendly too, aimed towards youngsters): https://www.playgroundequipment.com/a-kids-guide-to-playing-chess/.

He noticed you didn't have that one on your list there and thought you might like it. Would you consider adding it to your page maybe? I'd love to surprise Eli and show him that it's cool to be into this stuff!

Thanks for all of your help! Please take care during these hectic times.

We are very happy, Mrs. P., to read about the enthusiasm of your son Elijah for our wonderful game, and about your own enthusiasm for your son learning to play it (and to play it well!). He is putting now his first steps into a new world for him: the world of chess players. That can become a world for him as fascinating as the game itself is.
I am sure there are members in our community who are willing to give him further advice or can possibly point to websites or internet tools or books that will help him to develop his talents. Perhaps it will be easier for them when they know in which country and city you are living.

Eli, the site you found, is not meant for our members, who are mainly interested in the history of the game and in (old) books which tell us a lot about the history. That’s because the history of chess is very fascinating too! But reading the email of your mother, every member can see the link and can advise the site to other youngsters. Many thanks for that.
And by the way, history learns us that there are very few chess players of name who have the same first name as yours. As a matter of fact I only know Elijah Williams, a very strong and famous British player in the first half of the 19th century. On Wikipedia you will find some information about him. Perhaps this knowledge simulates you to become the second Elijah in the ranks of famous players! There is room for it …

Bob van de Velde
Chairman of the Chess History & Literature Society (formerly named Ken Whyld Association).

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