The Hague 1928

Our member IM John Donaldson has made a great find: a marvellous historical photograph of brilliant quality, and John was so kind to allow us to publish it on our site. We combine this photo with a little competition …

The photo shows most of the participants of the Chess Olympiad The Hague 1928, it was taken in front of the Olde Ridderzaal – that was the playing hall of the 2nd chess olympiad.

Just recently Bruce Monson informed us, that this photo is actually from Herman Steiner's personal archives (later owned by Jacqueline Piatigorsky after Herman's death in 1955).

About 80 persons are depicted, so some participants of the altogether 87 players are missing: 16 players participated in the individual tournament (won by Euwe), and 17 teams played in the Olympiad itself – see the tables linked below:

There are many players to identify, but there are also some guests like Jacques Mieses or Alexander Rueb. Our members are requested to identify as many players as possible. Those three members who perform best will be awarded with a prize – a free copy of "Obliged to Tradition", the "Australasian bibliography" and the "Yugoslavian bibliography vol. V".
Please send your results to our treasurer Michael Negele () - Good luck!

By the way, it is still possible to purchase the a.m. books at the following prices
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Below another photograph of the Olde Ridderzaal, provided by Michael Negele:

PS (01-12-2015): See Edward Winter's feature article A 1928 Chess Photograph for a partly identification of the players.

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