The auction days of Antiquariat A. Klittich-Pfankuch November 26th and 27th, 2021

After three consecutive online auctions due to Covid 19, our member Karl Klittich has hoped for a 'normal' biennial auction with normal customer participation on 25th to 27th November. It goes without saying that our Board has the same hope. After all, since almost two years we will have our first normal meeting of the board, and we could also organise our usual informal member meeting at the end of the viewing hours on 26th November.

However, in the meantime the new Covid wave makes it doubtful that the German authorities will allow the usual presence of attendees. The latest information about the situation in Germany and especially in Braunschweig can be found on the website of the Antiquariat (

Probably, this will mean that the attendance of members in the member meeting will be limited too. For that reason we recommend all members who have the intention to attend the member meeting along the viewday of 26th November, to make an appointment for their access to the auction hall.

When the member meeting will go through, the attendees must be prepared for a much soberer reception than in the pre-Covid days, as the possibilities for the House of Klittich are restricted by the German anti-Covid measures.

As soon as we are confronted with not hoped for decisions of the authorities that will make attendance of the auction completely impossible, we will publish this on the website.

Bob van de Velde

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