Summery Chess Auction in Braunschweig

The auction hall is nearly full

Our chairman has written a short résumé of this year’s summer auction in Braunschweig, and he as well as (mainly) Michael Negele have taken a series of photos. 

The Klittich auction number 68 was held on June 27 in Braunschweig. The auction went very smoothly, with as usual a high-quality offering and an excellent catalog.  800 lots were auctioned off in less than 4 hours.  Before the start of the bidding, honorary KWA member Michael Negele soberly commemorated the late Roger Klittich, who passed away earlier this year.  It was the first auction without our founding member, and Michael spoke fondly of the late Roger Klittich both in his functions as highly respected antiquary, auctioneer and KWA member.  After a brief moment of silence, Karl Klittich then started the auction all by himself. The symbolism of that moment did not go unnoticed by those attending.
(Guy Van Habberney)

Michael Negele with his commemorative speech on Roger Klittich.
Michael Negele with his commemorative speech on Roger Klittich.

Naturally a visit of Roger Klittich's last resting place was obligatory for Michael Negele:

Further 21 photos of the attendees in this gallery.

On Friday in the late afternoon, Dr. Michael Siebler, a journalist and archaeologist,
gave a lecture on the myth of Troy and the Troy research.
A still fascinating subject, even if the connections to chess are poor: 
Palamedes, military leader of the Greek army, is regarded as the inventor
of the dice, but not of chess. More about the speaker in this invitation  
by the Klittich auction house (in German).

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