Spanish KWA Meeting 2008 at Tarragona

On October 23th the Spanish members of the KWA who constitute the so called CÍRCULO PALUZÍE celebrated their annual meeting (fifth edition), this time in Tarragona:
Miquel Artigas, Josep Alió and José A. Garzón (see the photo below).

Miquel Artigas, Josep Alió and José A. Garzón

As 3 years ago (in 2005) we met at the home of our host, Josep Alió. As usually, we gave each other our Christmas "chess gifts": books, magazines, nice facsimiles, catalogues, posters, videos, etc.

Josep showed his friends the acquisitions of the last three years, especially the José E. Olavide / Carlos Rodríguez Lafora library that he had the fortune of obtaining one year ago, with very interesting material.

After lunch, at Josep's home again, we continued working on our joint project.

A great day of friendship.

Josep Alió

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