Second regional KWA meeting at the Spanish town of Tarragona

(from left to right) Miquel Artigas, Josep Alió and José A. Garzon
(from left to right) Miquel Artigas, Josep Alió and José A. Garzon

Recently Josep Alió informed us about a meeting of the Spanish KWA members taking place on September 27th, 2005 at his home town Tarragona. It’s already the second meeting of this kind, we briefly reported on the last year’s one (at Sabadell, 14-12-2004) on the occasion of the birthday of José A. Garzon (see birthdays of February 2005). This time again the "troika" José A. Garzón (Valencia), Miquel Artigas (Sabadell) and Josep Alió (Tarragona) came together – they call themselves "CIRCULO JOSÉ PALUZÍE" (José Paluzíe’s Club) – to talk about chess, its literature and its history.

Naturally our three Spanish friends discussed future projects too, particularly José A. Garzon offered great news: he has already finished his current research project which will be published soon; a book whose central theme is the history of chess and the origin of modern chess, the author’s favourite field of work. We are pleased to say that it will come out in two editions, a Spanish and an English one. More details will be shortly available, our KWA members will surely look forward impatiently to this highly interesting book event!
(after Josep Alió’s info)

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