Preview of the regional meeting in Frederiksværk

As already announced several times a meeting of our Scandinavian members will take place at the second April weekend, the venue for both days will be the Danish town of Frederiksværk (about 1 hour from Copenhagen). The organization was generously done by Jes Knudsen and Claes Løfgren who also accept enquiries about the meeting (via e-mail).

The complete list of participants according to our level of knowledge:

Øystein Brekke, Bert Corneth, Calle Erlandsson, Vlastimil Fiala, Per Friedrichsen, Peter Holmgren (?), Jes Knudsen, Carsten Møller Larsen (Jes' friend), Claes Løfgren, Knud Lysdal, Michael Negele, Stellan Persson, Per Skjoldager, Jurgen Stigter.

The (slightly updated) schedule is as follows:

Saturday, April 8th, 2006:
Starting around 2 pm
Visit of Nimzowitsch's grave at Bispebjerg cemetery.
Afterwards meeting in Jes Knudsen's home (Frederiksværk) - opportunity to meet each other or for a congenial exchange of ideas ...
Per Skjoldager will give a talk (around 3:30 pm) on his Nimzowitsch project. [In this context we would like to mention that issue 3/2006 of the German KARL magazine will be devoted to A. Nimzowitsch - celebrating the 120th birthday of the great master.]
Vlastimil Fiala will probably bring along and introduce the latest KWA reprint "Chess Christmas".
around 7:30 pm: joint dinner in a restaurant.

Sunday, April 9th, 2006:
Again meeting in Jes Knudsen's home.
From around 10:30 am the following lectures are planned:
Michael Negele about the Lasker project (biography) /
Short introduction to the "Bibliography of Chess" prototype /
Cooperation of the KWA with other chess historical societies.
Jes Knudsen on "The Danish grail" (the Viborg book).
Per Friedrichsen on Jens Enevoldsen (who by the way was buried in the tomb of his master Nimzowitsch).

After the lunch break a small book market will conclude the meeting of our "Nordic Group".

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