Our chairman provides the following information:


The Council of Representatives has approved the proposals of the Board concerning the communication between the Board and the Council. The text of the proposals, which are immediately in force, reads as follows:

  1. to consider the agendas and the reports of the meetings of the Board, published on the website, as the formal information from the Board to the Council;
  2. to permit every member of the Council to react on the information;
  3. in case a member considers it desirable or necessary to discuss a subject among the members of the Council, to require from the chairman of the Board to present that subject to the members of the Council (complying article 16 of the Statutes), after which the relevant articles of the Statutes will be applicable;
  4. without a request as meant in C, received by the chairman of the Board within four weeks after the date of publication of a report of the meeting of the board, all relevant decisions of the Board as mentioned in the report have to be considered as approved by the Council.

Members will find some concise information (News for members) about the reactions from the members of the Council on the site News for members

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