On a Flying Visit to Bletchley Park

by Michael Negele

In the course of a business trip to Cambridge last week (calendar week 28) I could use the opportunity for an excursion to Bletchley Park. That was insofar an especially pleasing experience as my friend Tony Gillam was able to accompany me there.

From my numerous snapshots I present a small selection below. There is a (new) Hugh Alexander room in "Hut 8", however it is nearly empty. A suggestion: some posters which explain the role of the chess players at Bletchley Park during World War II would certainly be an appropriate addition.

Maybe a regional KWA meeting could be realized at Norfolk (Norwich/Cromer) as well?! As the "Alan Turing Year" is upcoming in 2012, several nice exhibitions will take place in this region, also at Cambridge.

Finally still a link: The Queen visits Bletchley Park

Michael Negele, in July, 2011

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