Michael Negele's chess tours II

A chess man came travelling ...

Michael Negele's chess tours
in the 2nd half of 2015 - Part II

The second part of Michael’s chess tours focuses on the CCI meeting in Trier ...

Meeting of the German Section of CCI on 6-8 November in Trier

Trier, the Augusta Treverorum of the old Romans, claims to be the oldest town of Germany, and it is also the birthplace of our chess traveller Michael Negele - there he has grown up and has become a member of the long-established local chess club SG Trier 1877 in his youth. So it is no wonder that Michael hasn't missed the chance not only to attend the meeting, but also to give once more one of his most entertaining lectures, naturally this time with many references to his hometown.

As customary, the meeting had been perfectly prepared and organized by the current German CCI chairman Wolfgang Angerstein and the former chairman Thomas Thomsen, and besides a series of promising lectures an excursion to Luxemburg was on the programme for paying a visit to the home of CCI member Reinhard Egert who owns a fascinating collection of chess sets. Nicholas Lanier has already published a detailed report on the whole event, so I will confine myself to give a selection of photos.

We can offer here his presentation slides as PDF (3.7 MB). (Karl Marx [1818-1883] was a son of Trier!)

Finally Barbara Holländer dealt with an old chess club constituted by four men only, founded in 1852 by the theologian (and member of a student fraternity) Heinrich A. Riemann in Friedland, north-eastern Germany. That quartet exclusively focused on a certain four-handed chess (according to The Classified Encyclopedia of Chess Variants by D.B. Pritchard four-handed chess variants were quite popular at that time especially in Germany and England).
For a reproduction of this lecture see www.schachmuseum.com/vierschach-in-friedland...

Here an enlarged version of the certificate.

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On 21 November, some days before his trip to Bamberg, Michael Negele still payed a visit to collector friend Matthias Limberg in Oberhausen who is one of the youngest KWA members. We offer two photos ...

Photographs © Andreas Saremba (Brieselang) and Dr. Michael Negele (Wuppertal)

To be continued.

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