Michael Negele in Buenos Aires

Our treasurer was on a business trip to Argentina last week and has already provided us with first pictures.

Naturally it was a matter of duty for Michael Negele to visit the famous Club Argentino de Ajedrez, but also our member Juan Morgado – up to now our only member in South America. A "by-product" of Michael’s visit is that the KWA can now count a second member in Buenos Aires, the FIDE master and collector Daniel Marcello Alpern has joined us – a warm welcome to our new member!

Michael Negele will still write an exclusive report (on "The Treasures of Chess History in Buenos Aires") for us, below two photos of Juan Morgado’s shop and of Michael’s yield from the latter.
Two short notices on Michael Negele’s visit are already online (in Spanish), at the site Ajedrez de Estilo and in the "Noticias del Club Argentino": Visitó el Club el alemán Michael NEGELE (in the photo our new member Alpern is sitting on the right, not on the left).

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