KWA meeting Kiel

In the library - Hanspeter Suwe, in the background Per Skjoldager and Egbert Meissenburg

This year’s general meeting of the KWA was held in Kiel. Our chairman has provided a short report of the event, and again we can offer a lot of photos.

[Updated 23-12-2015: Siegfried Schönle's résumé in KARL 4/2015]

Here is Guy Van Habberney’s summary:

On October 9-11, our Association held its annual meeting in the Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesbibliothek in Kiel. On Friday, several members had already converged upon the library to do some research in the collection of Gerd Meyer and Wilhelm Massman. The library offers a very pleasant environment with friendly and helpful staff members.

On Saturday, some 20 people gathered to attend the KWA annual meeting, which was followed by several interesting lectures. The entire event was superbly organized by Andreas Saremba.

Dr. Jens Ahlers started with a nice overview of the history of the library, which also included a guided tour 'behind the scenes' of the library. It must be said that both Meyer and Massman could not have found a better home for their collections.

Subsequently, Siegfried Schonle treated the audience on a virtual tour through the life and collection of Gerd Meyer. Were the man still alive, he certainly would have become a member!

Siegfried had lots of material, and the KWA members attending his lecture were treated afterwards on a free copy of his earlier book, "Chess Treasures from Lübeck". [Here is the 2nd title page of the edition distributed in Kiel.]

Then it was the turn to Per Skjoldager, who informed the audience about the truly spectacular advances he made in our chess bibliography project.

Finally, Tony Gillam lectured about the life and (chess) works of Paul Felix Schmidt, a contemporary of Paul Keres, who was almost lost in the mists of time, but whose memory will be rescued in a forthcoming book by Michael Negele and Tony Gillam.

As a cherry on the pie, the library donated free copies of the first Massman catalog to those attending.

Over lunch, we were treated with nice sandwiches and drinks by the library, and the day was concluded with a nice dinner. Those staying on till Sunday ended the KWA meeting with a boat tour in the port of Kiel. The weather was beautiful and a good time was had by all.

[PS 23-12-2015]: In KARL 4/2015, p. 12, Siegfried Schönle has given a résumé of the meeting (in German). Here is the corresponding PDF (courtesy of KARL editor Harry Schaack).

Below we give a selection of photographs.

Guy Van Habberney and Henri Serruys were on a visit to Lübeck on Sunday:

Photographs provided by Andreas Saremba, Siegfried Schönle and Guy Van Habberney.

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