Kasparov in Cologne

A short report by Michael Negele

Very rarely you get the chance to see and listen to the possibly best chess player of all times for nearly 90 minutes – Kasparov the politician was just as impressive to me as the chess player – in a positive as in a less positive sense – I mean by that a certain "lack of contact with reality" I thought to discern in some of his political remarks. During this year’s literature celebrations in Cologne lit.COLOGNE the presentation of his new book (sponsored by the Piper publishing house) took place on (!) the Rhine in the evening of March 18th, 2007, Kasparov presented it in detail (in English) – naturally much is about chess in it. Afterwards he was interviewed by Klaus Bednorz on some current developments in Russia.

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Kasparov's autograph session
Kasparov's autograph session

On board the literature ship MS RheinEnergie you could purchase this work, now the "Master’s" nice autograph adorns it.

By the way, the German edition has been published before the English or the American one ...

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