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Sjakkhistorisk forum (Screenshot 03-09-2018)
Sjakkhistorisk forum (Screenshot 03-09-2018)

Our member Morten Lilleøren wrote us, saying that he was wondering why the Norwegian Sjakkhistorisk Forum and its website wasn’t mentioned on our website. As indeed this was also a mystery to us, we hastened to request him to write a short introduction to Sjakkhistorisk Forum (see below). At the same time we have added the link to its website under Links/Historical Sites.

Bob van de Velde

Sjakkhistorisk Forum was founded in summer 2011, and has since proven to be able to survive. In main, the activity concentrates around Norwegian chess history. However, if a member decides to focus upon other subjects, this will be supported to.

The main projects have been the establishment of the website, and above all the scanning of the Norwegian chess journals. The latter started in 2015, and are now more or less completed. Minor adjustments will from time to time take place, but the main bulk will stay unchanged. All major journals are here presented digitally in complete versions. With some minor journals we may have an occasional issue we have not been able to trace.

The collection contains Nordic journals which are relevant to Norwegian chess history, countrywide, regional and local (club) magazines. Besides, there are separate folders containing (chessclub) jubilee pamphlets, programs for international tournaments and for the Norwegian championship through the years. Beside these accomplishments, SHF occasionally has arrangements. However, one of the main advantageIntrodutis of the organisation is the network, which must be seen as one of the background factors that enables authors to write chess history. Several chessclub history pamphlets have been written the recent years - and more are due to be published in the years to come!

All Norwegian members of CHLS are also members of Sjakkhistorisk Forum.

Morten Lilleøren

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