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Werner Keym
Werner Keym

Werner Keym has recently sent his Chess Problems out of the box to your "interim web-editor". However, your humble one is totally ignorant in this specific field of expertise, so my announcement is somewhat delayed. I needed more than a month to ponder about the position displayed with the author's likeness.

Dear Chessfriends, be aware, think first of the last move of Black. Two members of the CH&LS are involved in this re-edition: Godehard Murkisch (Treuenhagen) representing the Nightrider Unlimited Publishing House and Ralf Binnewirtz (Meerbusch), who did the layout.

Michael Negele

Chess Problems Out of the Box - front cover
Chess Problems Out of the Box - front cover


Werner Keym: Chess Problems Out of the Box
Kuhn/Murkisch series no. 46
Nightrider Unlimited, Treuenhagen, Germany, 2018
viii + 184 pages
500 problems by 230 authors, + bonus references to 70 related problems
English text
ISBN 978-3-935586-14-6
€ 10 paperback, € 28 hardback (+ postage)

Here is a stupendous anthology of 500 extraordinary chess problems. They are about castlings, en-passant captures, pawn promotions, tasks, unconventional first moves, retro puzzles, text problems, retractors, proof games, records, chess jokes, strange chess stories. Such problems are entertaining, exciting, witty, funny and often computer-defying.

There is even a suggestion for a better procedure in the Chess World Championship Match.

Chess Problems Out of the Box - back cover
Chess Problems Out of the Box - back cover

Werner Keym is a German expert in chess problems showing castling, en-passant capture and pawn promotion. For years problem-lovers have enjoyed his unusual puzzles, his funny chess jokes and his stories in the tradition of Sam Loyd.

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