In remembrance of Lasker

Lasker in Nottingham, 1936 (photo from the collection Lothar Schmid, Bamberg)

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the death of Emanuel Lasker (†11-01-1941) we give a short note of remembrance.

Below we give an obituary by Hermann Helms from the Brooklyn Eagle.
The reprinted Lasker problem is an original from Checkmate, July 1903 (No 285)
(see problem No 6, p.399 of the German Lasker monograph [2009]).

For photos of Lasker's grave see our column Chess Graves.

Thanksgiving by Martha Lasker
Thanksgiving by Martha Lasker

Words spoken by the Rev. Dr. D. de Sola Pool at the funeral on Monday, 13 January 1941

Buschke catalogue No. 3, May 1941
Buschke catalogue No. 3, May 1941

with the "Emanuel Lasker Memorial Sale":

Photos partly from the Lasker scrapbooks in Cleveland (CPL) -
kindly provided by Michael Negele
and Wolfgang Angerstein (Buschke catalog)

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