In Memoriam Roger Klittich

Roger Klittich in Weimar (November 2014)
Roger Klittich in Weimar (November 2014)

In Memoriam
Roger Klittich

* 03-06-1936
† 01-05-2015

Yesterday we received very sad news from Braunschweig: Roger Klittich, senior partner of the auction house A. Klittich-Pfankuch, one of the initiators of the KWA and its honorary member, had passed away on 1st of May.

Though he seemed to have recovered quite well from a poor health in the years before - in Weimar we still saw him in good spirits - he now died unexpectedly of a kidney failure. Only recently he had returned from a long-haul tour together with his wife Adelheid.

The funeral will take place on coming Saturday, we give the death notice (in German) for those who whish to attend.
Our thoughts are with his family and all the memories we have about him.

A more detailed obituary will follow soon.

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