In Memoriam Albert Frank

In Memoriam
  Albert Frank  
*28/09/1943  †02/05/2013

Again we have to forward sad news: Our Belgian member Dr. Albert Frank passed away on Thursday, 2nd of May. His son Bernard Frank told us that he died after more than five months of severe sufferings. We offer our sympathies to his family and his friends.
The funeral will take place on Friday, 10th of May at 11:30 am at the crematorium of 1490 Court-Saint-Etienne – Belgium.

Joining the KWA in February 2012, Albert Frank could be a member of our association only for a quite short time, and he had no chance to visit one of our meetings. The book Chess and Aptitudes published by him 1978 is included in our Members' Publications. Leo Hovestadt has dedicated a full page to Albert Frank - including a short interview with a photograph - at Carolus Chess.

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