First Snapshots from Vienna

KWA Meeting 1 to 3 October 2010

From left: Toni Preziuso, a Vienna chess friend named Andrae with daughter, Andreas Saremba, Michael Ehn, Per Skjoldager, Jurgen Stigter, Tony Gillam, Guy van Habberney (in front; behind:) Hans Secelle, Siegfried Schönle, Winifred van de Velde, Darko Plećaš, Kurt Landsberger, Bob van de Velde, Karl Kadletz and Alessandro Sanvito. Missing in the picture are Michael Negele (as photographer), Alain Fayard, Walter Simon and Tamás Erdélyi.

The group in front of the "Prunksaal". Now Alain Fayard (3rd from left) and Michael Negele (6th from left) are present.

At Michael Ehn in the morning Ivan Bottlik from Budapest had surprisingly joined us (3rd from right), he just looks after his companion (a Mr Gábor Gyuncza hurrying away). This time Mr Andrae was accompanied by his son (standing in front of the shop owner). Next to Jurgen Stigter the book author (at Humboldt-Verlag) Hugo Kastner who presented us his new (very nice) work "Alles über Schach" which he had published together with Michael Ehn.

Michael Negele talking with Kurt Landsberger.

Alessandro Sanvito with the volume dedicated to him - D'Ambrosio et al.: Festschrift in Honour of Alessandro Sanvito

Luca D'Ambrosio sent us more information about the Festschrift which is only the first volume of 2 series:

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