ExpoChess 2016

Ajedrez bailarin rojo (Red Dancer) © Elke Rehder
Ajedrez bailarin rojo (Red Dancer) © Elke Rehder

What do others do for the popularization of chess?

Elke Rehder, a visual artist with a focus on the subject chess, has dealt as an author with different chess historical questions. Presently she is providing some information about the international event ExpoChess, this year’s festival will take place from 11th to 30th of July in the Basque capital Vitoria-Gasteiz.

It began three years ago when two of the approx. 11 000 residents of the Basque commune Azkoitia, José Manuel Sierra and his son David Sierra resolved to enhance the popularity of chess in their region. The Basques invited a selection of Scottish chess players to participate in a tournament, and the German artist Elke Rehder received an invitation to present her works of chess art on the occasion of the match Basques vs. Scots. Under the auspices of the Basque Chess Federation and the Ministry of Sports and Culture, a festival came into being which attracted international attention. In 2015, with the collaboration of the Spanish chess journalist Leontxo García the ExpoChess event was extended by additional conferences.

Since this year’s March, a painting contest on the subject chess has been announced. On 11th of July an art exhibition with chess pictures will be opened. Works of Elke Rehder, Mikel Garate, Marta Ballvé and other artists will be shown there.

Pictures for Spain 2016

− All pictures copyright © Elke Rehder

Parallel to that, an exhibition with photographs by Spanish and Mexican fine art photographers will be presented. And a collection of stamps with chess motifs will be shown as well until 30th of July.

This year’s highlight of the ExpoChess will be the international chess congress held from 13th to 15th July in the Gran Hotel Lakua, Vitoria-Gasteiz. One objective of the congress is to internationally promote girls’ and women’s chess. The congress is being endorsed by the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. Competent experts will give lectures on the subject "women’s chess". Top female players such as Judit Polgár, Ana Matnadze, Martha Fierro Baquero, Beatriz Marinello, Sabrina Vega Gutiérrez and Angels Cucarella Montell will give talks. The web page of the organizer provides an overview, and here you can register for the congress.

Already since 2012, the German Chess Youth has organized an annual girls’ and women’s chess congress.

Visit the homepage of the organizer ExpoChess.

Elke Rehder
(Translation by R.B.)

A German version of this contribution has been published by Frank Hoppe on the DSB website:
Was tun andere für die Popularisierung des Schachs?

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