Exchanges with the French association "Théméchecs"

Logo Théméchecs
Logo Théméchecs

The president of the "Théméchecs" association, Mr. Alain Barnier (France), has contacted us for various exchanges concerning our two associations with rather similar objectives. What he proposes will interest, I hope, most of our members.

Our French association gathers chess collectors, originally rather philatelists, but also collectors of books, magazines, pictures, games and other objects, as well as amateurs of chess history and culture. A quarter of the members are outside France.

Our website is here:

We collaborate with several partner associations: Cossu in the USA, Motiefgroep Schaken in the Netherlands, GSM in Germany more recently.

I propose the idea of collaborating with you, notably by exchanging information, for example on our side:

  • by mentioning the website of the KWA / CH&LS association;
  • mentioning your events and informing you about ours;
  • sending our newsletter to the president (3 times a year);
  • giving you free access to our auctions (once or twice a year), etc.

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