Enquiry by Yakov Zusmanovich - book project on Bohatirchuk

E-mail enquiry by Yakov (Jack) Zusmanovich:

This is Yakov Zusmanovich from California, USA.
Currently I am cooperating with a well-known Russian chess historian and writer, Sergey Voronkov ("Russians vs. Fischer" with Plisetsky, "Masterpieces and Dramas of the Soviet Championships", "David Janowski" with Plisetsky, "Secret Notes" with Bronstein, "Vladimir Simagin") for his book on Dr. Fedor Bohatirchuk who was undeservedly forgotten and erased by Soviet authorities from Russian and world chess history.

We are going to re-publish Dr. Bohatirchuk’s scarce book, "Moi zhiznenny put' k Vlasovu i Prazhskomu Manifestu - My living route to Vlasov and Prague Manifesto," which was published in San Francisco in Russian in 1978. In addition to the text produced by Dr. Bohatirchuk, the book will include a collection of Bohatirchuk's games, articles, and documents.
An extensive introduction to this book will be written by former World Champion Boris Spassky who is a long time admirer of Dr. Bohatirchuk.

May you ask the members of KWA to help us with materials related to Bohatirchuk's chess and scientific careers? Materials can include games, pictures, caricatures, articles, score sheets, etc. Our special concerns are games played by Dr. Bohatirchuk in his match with Stephan Popel (Popiel) at Cracow and in a tournament at Radom, Poland (both events took place in 1944).
Also, we are looking for the games played by Dr. Bohatirchuk in the Chess Correspondence Championships of Canada in 1963 and 1964.

Yakov Zusmanovich (member of KWA)


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