CSQ 24 - VIII 2016

This time our CSQ newsletter (issue 24) offers 22 pages - it concludes the 6th year of our quarterly. Our new chairman, Bob van de Velde has contributed a markedly extensive editorial, consequently 2 pages were required for the introduction. As customary, you can look it up in our member section (password protected).

As to my article on Meso Chess (Falcon-Hunter Chess), the scans of the corresponding typescript pages are available below as pdf files.

Typescript on Meso Chess by Karl Schulz (in German):

Mesoschach (Deckblatt, Anschreiben dt./engl. + 5 Seiten über Mesoschach von Karl Schulz) - 2 MB

Typescript of the mathematical paper by Dr. Erwin von Fabrizi (in German):

- Mathematische Abhandlung von Dr. Erwin v. Fabrizi
  Seite 1-10 (2.2 MB) / Seite 11-19 (2 MB)

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