Congratulations on the 85th birthday, Stellan Persson!

Stellan Persson
Stellan Persson

On July 1st our senior member Stellan Persson celebrated his 85th birthday.

Stellan became a well-known figure to the Danish chess community during the 25 years he ran Skakhuset in Copenhagen, a classic chess shop of a type hard to find nowadays. New as well as a wealth of antiquarian books often made a visit longer than planned.

Stellan joined Malmö AS only 12 years old when his father brought him to the club. He had a talent for the game and became strong enough to win the club championship in 1955. During his active years Stellan occasionally worked as a chess journalist for various local newspapers. Even if Stellan today shares his life between Gothenburg and Mallorca, his heart is still with Malmö AS whose history he has documented in the book En gyllene epok from 2010. Another historical work by Stellan is a collection of the round tables from the Swedish Chess Congresses from 1939 to 1970.

After closing down Skakhuset in 1998 Stellan has continued dealing with chess material online and also by leading the chess book auctions of SS Manhem, the club in Gothenburg he now belongs to.


Peter Holmgren / Claes Løfgren

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