"Chess Treasures from Lübeck"

by Michael Negele

I would like to make an additional remark to my Kiel expedition on the wonderful book just published by Siegfried Schönle, Kassel. (The photo below was made on the occasion of the 7th symposium of the Initiative Group Königstein in Berlin, October 2003.) In remembrance of Gerd Meyer (*1929-12-24 †1994-02-10), the clothbound edition with gold lettering has the title "Schachschätze aus Lübeck" - Erinnerungsbuch zum 75-jährigen Geburtstag.

Highly recommended to each serious collector of chess literature!

Author Siegfried Schönle
Author Siegfried Schönle

Series Schach-Forschungen N° 26

Copyright ©
Siegfried Schönle
Kirchweg 70
D-34119 Kassel

Egbert Meissenburg
Elbdeich 164
D-21217 Seevetal

ISBN 3-921996-62-X
September 2004

It’s a special pleasure for us to put a further publication of the same author in our treasure chest. Mr Schönle already made us very happy with his (probably out of print) work on Gerd Meyer (see above). By his latest discovery (in summer 2005) he could demonstrate a chess passage of the writer Julius Wilhelm Zincgref (1591-1635) unknown to previous chess research, quoting from Selenus’ book "Das Schach= oder König=Spiel" (1616) that is well-known to all of us.

Mr Schönle offers his essay (41 pp, DIN A4) bearing the title
Selenus 1616 / Zincgref 1636
„Dan gleich wie Zween / sich im Schach=ziehen / nicht wenig bemuehen.../“
as a very well produced "Priplak" (= hard plastic cover), hardback, glue binding with slim cloth, printed on 100 gr. Neusiedler paper, edition of (unfortunately only) 20 copies.

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