Chess Talk J. Watson - Y. Zusmanovich

This week (Tue., 24 November) joining IM John Watson on Chess Talk will be collector, historian and author Yakov Zusmanovich. Note for Website editors: A free 10 minute preview of this interview for non-ICC members can be displayed on your website

Yakov Zusmanovich was a Candidate Master in the old Soviet Union before moving to the United States. He is an avid chess book collector and has a massive collection of 1250 chess biographies. He and Sergei Voronkov are currently in the final stages of finishing two books on Fyodor Bogatirchuk, a world-class player in the 1920s and 1930s (he had a +3 score against Botvinnik) who, for political reasons, was omitted by the Soviets from the original list of grandmasters announced by Fide in 1950. Zusmanovich is also a member of the Ken Whyld Association of chess collectors.


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